Lamb Souvlaki combo – chips, pita bread, tzatziki and drink 14.5
Chicken Souvlaki combo – chips, pita bread, tzatziki and drink 13.5
Pork Souvlaki combo – chips, pita bread, tzatziki and drink 13.5
Calamari combo – chips, aioli and drink

Prawns Saganaki, prawns it tomato saltsa and feta cheese (dinner only)



Moussaka loaded chips – chips topped with moussaka flavoured mince, greek cheese 8
Lamb stick 5
Chicken stick 4.5
Pork stick


Greek salad sml 5.5
Greek salad lrg 11
Youvetsi me Kota (braised chicken, tomato, cinnamon and risoni) crumbled feta 9
GF Greek Lamb Kleftiko (parchment roasted lamb), tzatziki (dinner only) 26
Cabbage salad sml – shredded cabbge, shallots, cabbage, walnuts, currants 5
Cabbage salad lrg – shredded cabbge, shallots, cabbage, walnuts, currants 10
 Tiropita – home made cheese and filo triangle  5
 Spanakopita – cheese and spinach parcel  5
 Calamari  8
 Chips sml

Chips lrg

Roast potatoes, lemon and oregano




Souvlaki Pack – 8 souvlaki of your choice lamb, pork,chicken. chips and 2 pita bread 42
Family Pack – 8 souvlaki of your choice lamb, pork, chicken. chips, 2 pita bread, tarama dip, large Greek salad 1.25ltr drink 60
Dinner Pack – 1 Lamb kleftiko, 1 large Greek slaw, 2 pita bread, 2 youvetsi, 2 tiropita, 1 tzatziki, 1 large soft drink 68
Big Greek – 1 lamb kleftiko, 6 souvlaki sticks, 1 large greek salad, 1 large greek slaw, 2 tiropitas, 1 calamari, 1 tzatziki, 1 large chips, 1 large soft drink 90
Mamas Feast – 2 Lamb kleftiko, 6 souvlaki sticks, 2 Tiropitas, 2 spanakopita, 1 large Greek salad, 1 Large Greek slaw, Tzatziki, Taramasalata, 4 pita  125
 Tiropita – home made cheese and filo triangle  5
 Tarama – cod roe dip  5
 Tzatziki – yoghurt, garlic, mint, cucumber dip 5


Pita bread 2
DESSERT PLATE sml – 2 pieces Baklava, 2 pieces Ravani (coconut syrup cake) 12
DESSERT PLATE lge- 4 pieces Baklava, 4 pieces Ravani (coconut syrup cake) 22
Spanakopita – homemade spinach and cheese parcel 5
Calamari 8
Chips 4
Pita Bread 2
coke, diet coke, coke zero, solo, sunkist, lemonade 375ml 3
 water, sparkling water 500ml  
orange juice 3


Note: GF – Gluten Free

Seed Greek Kouzina is an amazing restaurant that provides an inspired modern Greek dining experience south of Sydney. Set in the vibrant suburb of Petersham, Seed Greek Kouzina celebrates the very best of modern Greek cuisine from the kitchen of Chef Tim Vatsaklis.

Our family owned Greek restaurant has an ambiance that transports diners across the world for an amazing experience of delectable Greek food tastes.

The charming character of Seed Greek Kouzina sways diners to indulge in a drop of Greek wine while perusing the menu for sumptuous Mediterranean delights, sharing conversations over starters like baby calamari with lemon garlic dip, pickled octopus and zucchini flowers stuffed with feta, leek and thyme. When hunger reaches its peak, delve into the likes of slow cooked lamb shoulder with fava bean puree, saving room for a slice of sticky baklava to finish.

Book your Greek food experience at our restaurant for lunch or for dinner