GF Baby Kalamari, lemon garlic dip
Greek islands food cuisine, Baby calamari lightly floured and crisp fried, served with lemon and a garlic sauce.
GF Prawns Saganaki – tomato, feta, herbs
Prawns served in a cast iron pan, tomato puree with herbs and crumbled feta cheese. Traditionally a Greek Restaurant staple.
GF Oktapodi Toursi – pickled octopus
Octopus pickled in a white wine vinegar blend, whole spices and herbs, served chilled in a jar.
Krokettes me Ilianthou – smoked mackeral croquettes
Local grey mackeral, cured and smoked, mixed with béchamel and potato then crumbed.
Psari kalamaki (fish gyros), Fish souvlakia, jerusalem artichoke poure, Kalamata olive dressing
Fish of the day souvlakia served with a warm jerusalem artichoke poure, with a Greek Kalamata olive dressing.
Homemade dips, Marinated kalamata olives, grilled pita
Selection of Greek style, restaurant made dips served with warm pita bread and Kalamata olives.
Zucchini flowers stuffed with feta, leek and thyme
Crispy Zucchini flowers filled with feta cheese, leek and thyme.
GF Melitzana (eggplant) fritas, warm cauliflower dip
Eggplant cut into thick style chips, served with a warm cauliflower and garlic dip.
Saganaki (pan fried cheese) honey figs
Greek Kefalograviera cheese, pan fried served with honey braised figs.
GF Revithokeftedes – chickpea patties, tzatziki
Chickpea patties with cumin, coriander and parsley. Served with Greek tzatziki.
GF Pikantiki Kota (Chicken) red pepper mayo, walnut dressing
Roasted Chicken thigh fillets, served with red pepper mayo, sharp walnut dressing.
GF Kleftiko (parchment roasted lamb), tzatziki
Lamb neck slow cooked in a parchment with oregano, potatoes and onions, served with tzatziki.
Hirino Souvlakia me pantzaria tzatziki (Pork souvlakia, beetroot tzatziki, pita bread)
Pork neck souvlaki on a skewer served with a beetroot tzatziki and warm pita bread.
GF Arnaki (Slow cooked lamb shoulder), smoked eggplant, roast garlic and white bean skordalia
Slow cooked shoulder of lamb served with smoked eggplant and a garlic puree.


Steamed greens, roasted garlic, herb crumb $14
GF Patates tiganites, feta and oregano $10
GF Horiatiki salata (Greek salad) $16
Additional bread $4
Additional pita bread $4
Gluten free bread roll $3


Soufflé of the day $16
Rizogalo (rice pudding), salted caramel, pistachio ice-cream $14
Greek coffee krema, esspresso, koulouria $14
Apple and currant bougatsa, cinnamon ice-cream $14
Selection of sorbets $11
Affogaki – coffee shot, Samos Muscat, vanilla bean ice cream $12
Kids ice cream (under 12) Choice of strawberry, chocolate, or caramel topping $6

Note: GF – Gluten Free

Seed Greek Kouzina is an amazing restaurant that provides an inspired modern Greek dining experience south of Sydney. Set in the vibrant suburb of Petersham, Seed Greek Kouzina celebrates the very best of modern Greek cuisine from the kitchen of Chef Tim Vatsaklis.

Our family owned Greek restaurant has an ambiance that transports diners across the world for an amazing experience of delectable Greek food tastes.

The charming character of Seed Greek Kouzina sways diners to indulge in a drop of Greek wine while perusing the menu for sumptuous Mediterranean delights, sharing conversations over starters like baby calamari with lemon garlic dip, pickled octopus and zucchini flowers stuffed with feta, leek and thyme. When hunger reaches its peak, delve into the likes of slow cooked lamb shoulder with fava bean puree, saving room for a slice of sticky baklava to finish.

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