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Menus for wakes and memorial services 


Seed Greek Catering is born from the successful Seed Greek Kouzina restaurant in Petersham, which is known for its excellent food and friendly and warm service. At Seed Greek Catering we provide for funerals of all persuasions. We understand that funerals are a difficult time for families and that is why our staff is dedicated to providing for you the highest quality in food and service. Our qualified chefs and staff are mindful of the sensitivity that surrounds such events and offer menus to suit cultural and personal needs.








MENU 1 $23

bread & olives
greek salad
bamyes okra in salsa
tiropites cheese pastries
fish cocktails
vegetarian spring rolls

MENU 2 $28

bread & taramasalata
olives & kaseri
greek salad
bamyes okra in salsa
skordalia garlic potato puree
fish cocktails
tiropites cheese pastries
lemon oregano baked potatoes
iceberg & kefalogaviera salad

MENU 3 $32

bread, taramasalata
olives & kaseri
pickled vegetables
greek salad
horta wild greens
skordalia garlic potato puree
bryame roast vegetables
cabbage salad
tiropites cheese pastries
fish cocktails
chickpea patties




vegetarian antipasto platter $68
mixed mezze platter $78
spanakopita 35 pcs $75
spring rolls 60 pcs $75
fresh prawns per person $market price
cheese platter $88
with dried fruit and crackers
souvlakia (cocktail size)
beef or lamb $4 each
chicken or pork $3.5 each


cabbage salad $50
pasta salad $48
potato salad $48
iceberg & kefalogaviera salad $38
bryame, roast vegetables $52
roasted lemon oregano potatoes $48
gigantes giant beans in salsa $38
chickpea patties $60

meatballs $54