Some words about our changes

To our Seed Family,

Our philosophy has and always will be to practice the highest level of hygiene standards each and every day.

We welcome the governments’ recent news and we are excited to have you back as dine in guests!

Our operating model has evolved, and we are now offering dine In, takeaway ready to eat hot meals and frozen takeaway Greek classics.

Please view our menus in the tabs above and keep an eye out on our social sites (Facebook and Instagram) for more updated menus and specials.

Our Passion is food, community and creating memories, we have been part of the Petersham family for over 8 years and we thank you for the ongoing support and wish everybody good health (kali ygeia) through these challenging times.

Paint Shop
Souvlaki combo – 2 sticks of lamb, pork or chicken with chips, pita bread, tzatziki and drink 14.5
Souvlaki wrap – Pita bread with choice of souvlaki, tomato, lettuce, onion & tzatziki

Souvlaki wrap combo – chips & drink



Vegetarian combo – Cheese triangle, Greek slaw and drink 10
Calamari combo – chips, aioli and drink 13.5
Moussaka loaded chips – chips topped with moussaka flavoured mince, greek cheese 9
Lamb stick 5
Chicken stick 5
Pork stick 5
Tiropita – home made cheese and filo triangle 5
Spanakopita – cheese and spinach parcel 5
Calamari 8
Chips sml 4
Chips lrg 7.5
Roast potatoes, lemon and oregano 10
Tarama – cod roe dip 5
Tzatziki – yoghurt, garlic, mint, cucumber dip 5
Prawns Saganaki, prawns it tomato saltsa and feta cheese (dinner only) 18
Youvetsi me Kota (braised chicken, tomato, cinnamon and risoni) crumbled feta 10.5
GF Greek Lamb Kleftiko (parchment roasted lamb), tzatziki (dinner only) 26
Souvlaki Pack – 8 souvlaki of your choice lamb, pork,chicken. chips and 2 pita bread 42
Family Pack – 8 souvlaki of your choice lamb, pork, chicken. chips, 2 pita bread, tarama dip, large Greek salad 1.25ltr drink 60
Dinner Pack – 1 Lamb kleftiko, 1 large Greek slaw, 2 pita bread, 2 youvetsi, 2 tiropita, 1 tzatziki, 1 large soft drink 68
Big Greek – 1 lamb kleftiko, 6 souvlaki sticks, 1 large greek salad, 1 large greek slaw, 2 tiropitas, 1 calamari, 1 tzatziki, 1 large chips, 1 large soft drink 90
Mamas Feast – 2 Lamb kleftiko, 6 souvlaki sticks, 2 Tiropitas, 2 spanakopita, 1 large Greek salad, 1 Large Greek slaw, Tzatziki, Taramasalata, 4 pita 125
Pita bread 2
Greek salad S 5.5/ L 11
Cabbage salad – shredded cabbge, shallots, walnuts, currants S 5/ L 10
Baklava 5
Rivani – orange syrup and coconut cake 5
Risogalo – Greek rice pudding 5
Soft drink, water and orange juice 3


Feta 5
Kalamata olives 6
Tzatziki 7
Taramasalata – cod roe dip 7
Horta 8
Tiropita 7
Spanakopita 7
Pita bread 3
Single Combos
Souvlaki combo, choice of 2 souvlakia, chips, pita, tzatziki (Lamb, Chicken or Pork) 22
Calamari combo, crumbed calamari rings, chips, aioli, lemon 20
Vege combo, choice of tiropita or spanakopita, Greek slaw salad 18
Thalassia – Seafood
Calamari, crumbed calamari rings, aioli, lemon 14
Pickled octopus, octopus in vinegar, herbs and spices 20
Prawns saganaki, prawns in tomato saltsa, feta cheese 24
Chips sml 7 lrg 12
Lemon oregano potatoes 12
Greens, roast garlic, herb crumb 14
Greek salad sml 10 lrg 15
Cabbage slaw, walnuts and currants sml 10 lrg 15
Kreas – Meat
Lamb, chicken or pork souvlaki stick 7
Moussaka mince loaded chips 12
Youvetsi, Chicken braised in tomato, red wine, cinnamon, risoni pasta, feta 19
Lamb Kleftiko, parchment roasted lamb on the bone, tzatziki 32
Mixed Plates (The Big Ones)
Souvlaki Pack, Choice of 8 souvlakia, (lamb, pork, chicken), large chips, tzatziki, pita bread 68
Family Pack, Choice of 8 souvlakia, (lamb, pork, chicken), large chips, pita, tzatziki, taramasalata, large Greek salad 82
Dinner Pack, 1 Lamb kleftiko, 2 youvetsi, 2 tiropita, large cabbage slaw, tzatziki 88
Soup of the day, severed with bread 12
Kids Meals
Souvlaki & chips (choice of pork/chicken/lamb) 10
Calamari & chips 10
Baklava 5
Rivani – orange syrup and coconut cake 5
Risogalo – Greek rice pudding 5


Traditional Greek cuisine with exceptional service and Mediterranean charm! Bookings preferable.

Come in and pick up your favorite dishes or choose from one of our meal deals! Call to order ahead.

Pick up a frozen meal, and cook it when you’re ready! We have different Greek classics every week.

dine in
seed ready to eat
frozen meals

Call 9560 7798 to make a booking or order takeaway

Menu items and prices might vary. 

BYO available every night (limit of 5 bottles per booking)



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Contact information

88 Audley Street, Petersham 2048

Phone number:
02 9560 7798


Operating Hours

Sunday & Monday – Closed 

Tuesday to Friday lunch from 11:00am

Saturday lunch – Pre bookings only

Tuesday to Saturday dinner from 5:00pm 

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